Thursday, March 29, 2012

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It finally happened! Earlier today, Montreal fired General Manager Pierre Gauthier!

About frakkin' time!!! If you'd like the particulars, LINK.

He's gone!

The thought of a world without Gauthier fills me with delight!!!
(props if you get the movie reference.)


  1. Congratulations! ;) Cunneyworth next, or have they calmed down a bit up there in Montreal?

  2. unfortunately, he'll be gone when the new GM gets here. This is the start of a house cleaning from top to bottom.

  3. Are they going to poach Julien Brisebois from the Lightning or is he too close to the old regime?

  4. he's in the running for sure. Top 5 right now...

  5. Congrats and may your team cease to stink. Hockey is better when Montreal and Toronto are both relevant.

    We may be waiting for some time....

  6. Cap'n,

    Being from Calgary, and disliking the Canadiens, I assuming you have similar feelinga about the Maple Leafs. So, check this out.