Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TTM Success! Dennis Maruk takes his time...

Where to start with this great TTM success? Well for one, Dennis Maruk was a great sniper on some really horrible teams in the '70's. Two, for a really small guy (5'8"), he could really skate and had a powerful shot.
 Three, Dennis was also known for epic facial hair.
 and finally four, Dennis returned these signed cards to me over two YEARS after I sent them out to him.
Some things are worth the wait. Thanks Dennis.


  1. Maruk's 'stache is truly legendary.


  2. Great stuff, especially the '79-80!

  3. I have wanted to write him for some time now, but 2 year is a pretty insane wait. I might just buy his Decades auto or something and save myself the wait.

  4. Did you send them to the Etobicoke address ?