Thursday, February 9, 2012

Freebies. Swag. Loot.

Awhile back my card shop owner handed me some swag. A nice treat to be sure. A couple of oddballs first. Apparently a company named 3D Popz is making............ "cards"?
This Beliveau is about 4"x6" and if you can't tell by the scan, is very bumpity. I guess that's where the 3D comes in.
 Whereas the Carey Price is only 1"x2"... but again, in full relief and bumpity!

Also included was this foil wrapper. I guess Panini was trying to copy Upper Deck's Hockey Card Day or something.... Not sure how many different cards on who's in the set, but maybe I could pull a Carey Price, or a PK Subban for the PC???
 No. The answer is No. *sigh*
 although pulling a Stamkos isn't a bad thing.
They were numbered POD 2 and POD 3... maybe I'll find the others one day.

Let's hear it for free stuff!!!!!

BTW, the 2012 version of Upper Deck's National Hockey Card Day is this Saturday. And for the first time, it occurs in both Canada AND the U.S.
Go get your free packs and start swapping!

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