Monday, February 13, 2012

PK add-ons for the PC

I spent $44 at the card show last weekend. The baseball portion of it I've already posted on Waxaholic. I  also added nine Young Guns from the last three seasons for $12. I won't bother showing those.... besides, I've already put them in their respective binders. But I will show you two cards I picked up for the PK PC.

First up, 2011-12 Limited numbered 143/299 Cost- $1
 No idea if it's a parallel or just a regular base card that's /299.... but it was a buck and I needed it.

The next card was a bit more than I usually like to spend on one card. And of course, out of the 20 sellers at the show, it was the one guy who refuses to haggle on price.
But I caved and paid $20 for this on card rookie auto from last year's Crown Royal numbered /499
I believe this year's comes out on wednesday.....

The final three cards coming up next post. Or maybe the one after that.....

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