Monday, November 14, 2016

Cleveland Barons Inaugural Year.... 1976-77

More card show purchases. Along the same theme, original press photos given out by the team.
Today we have the first year Cleveland Barons. Fresh from Oakland and under new ownership.

A little too many dudes in bad suits for my liking, but other than that, it's golden.

Cleveland played two years in Ohio before merging with the existing Minnesota North Stars. As of this writing they are the last pro franchise of the big four to cease operations. Dennis Maruk (short guy, middle, top row) was the last former Baron (and Seal) to play in the NHL, retiring in 1989.

The price on this was unbelievably cheap compared to my Los Angeles Sharks one. Reason being this one is not in perfect condition.

The back has issues.

Someone had lovingly glued it onto a wall or into a scrap book. To some, that makes this undesirable. To me, it makes it fascinating.
Was it a young child putting up pictures of their heroes? A relative of someone in the organization? A crazy stalker fan obsessed with bad suits?
Whatever.... I love it.

Next up, going back, way back. A team you've probably heard of.


  1. Gilles Meloche....Cleveland Barons....all-time greatest goalie mask.


    Another great item!!

  2. Love it! That's back to back beauties with these team photos.

  3. Oh, and speaking of Barons:
    (though admittedly, not as cool)