Monday, June 22, 2015

Denis says, "Trade me right now!"

Well, okay. He says a bit more than that as most of us know. Forgive the poetic license, kids are reading this.
Let them ask their parents what Denis really says....

Today marks a new feature here on the old blogs. I say plural, because I'll also be doing this on Waxaholic, only with baseball cards. If you're here, and not there, you probably like hockey cards.
Nice how life evens out like that.

I need to start to do more trading. (Don't we all?) Busting wax is great, but the products out right now are, well, sub par at best.
Okay, they blow.
Rather than focus on a negative, I'll focus on a positive. Something new I'm trying.

I saw on another blog among the hundreds out there where someone posts a card, and asks you to trade for that card. If no one does, he adds another card , and another, etc... until someone bites and claims the pile.
I like that. I'm going to gank that. Only to avoid copyright issues from whomever is doing it that way, I'll add my own spin.

So here we go. The first additions to the Trade me right now pile.
 a 1964-65 Parkie Tall Boy Paul Henderson. Settle down though.... it's from the 94/95 reprint set.

 Wayne Gretzky from National Hockey Card Day packs a few years ago.

and of course a 2008/09 Artifacts Vesa Toscala

three cards. (see? nothing like that other blog)


okay, they're not rules per se.... just what I'd like to happen.
Claim the pile in the comment section, then email me letting me know you want to swap.


cards. Duh. Preferably off of my want list. The link is on the right hand side of the blog. You can send me one card (okay) or you can send me twenty cards (YAY!). But let's try to keep this at a PWE level.


if you really want the cards but do not have anything off of my lists, I'm always looking for cards for my player binders. Carey Price, PK Subban, Adam LaRoche, ..... wait. Adam LaRoche? Yes. I will take baseball cards in exchange for hockey, and I will take hockey in exchange for baseball. Mix and match folks. We're all friends here.
Send me an email, we'll work something out easy peasy.

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