Sunday, April 5, 2015

How to turn a Diamond King into a Pop Up.

I don't really know how it came about... but Ryan Cracknell and I just completed a trade that sent a stack of baseball his way, and hockey mine.
I sent over 15 minty fresh Donruss Diamond Kings from various years, along with a few 2015 Topps Series 1, in exchange for some OPC inserts from the past few seasons. All sets that I'm working on.
First, some Pop Ups that of course, don't pop up. Or down. Or pop period.

then a couple of mini "V" series

and finally some OPC rookie Update cards that are only found in packs of Upper Deck. Yeah. Like that makes sense.

But wouldn't you know it....

All three of these...
are cards I already had. There was a failure to edit the checklist. Oops. Like that's never happened before.
Oh well, into the trade box they go.

Thanks Ryan.


  1. I can turn that Messier into a pop-up if you'd like.

    I can turn it into a puzzle card as well.

    Or I can turn it into a headless error card.

    Your choice.

  2. Those Pop-Ups are good lookin' inserts. Just my luck... no Sharks on the 50 card checklist.