Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Flames all around us...

Not much to say really. The latest card offerings since Upper Deck flagship came out have been.... bleh to say the least.
Went to a large, well, large for this area, card show last weekend. If I get around to scanning the cards I'll post on that later.
So for now, I'll show off a couple of ttm returns I've received in the past little while. Both Calgary Flames related. I'm all about themes ya know.
Goaltender Jonas Hiller kindly signed three pics and a card for me. One for each of his teams...
Anaheim Ducks

Calgary Flames

and of course Switzerland in the last Olympics.

oh, and a card sans mask in case you were wondering what young Jonas looked like.

and the future of the Flames. Mr Franchise, Sean Monahan.

Sean is not known for his penmanship.

Thanks guys. I appreciate the returns.

Has anybody else been testing the through the mail waters? Any successes? Failures? Stories?

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  1. No. I've been lazy with any TTM autos. I prefer to discover them in the inner flaps of my books.

    Great Swiss pic of Hiller.