Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hall of Fame card show autographs.

I went to the big card show over the weekend. No, not the one in Toronto. The one right here in Calgary. Okay. It might not be the big show. It's not even big. Kinda sad actually. But it's all I got. So I try not to miss it.
I  managed to pick up a nice stack of cards this time out. Most were recent releases... I'll show those in another post. For this one I'll feature just three cards. Each a gem in it's own right.
First, a surprise '69/70 Topps Jean Beliveau. $3
 only a little love bend in the bottom right corner stops it from being perfect. Or does it?

Second an on card auto of Hall of Famer (*cough*) Clark Gillies  $3
 a beautiful card like that for only $3? Craziness. Of course, I had to defeat bamlinden in a spirited game of RockPaperScissorsLizardSpock before I could claim it as mine.

and last but not least, another on card auto of a Hall of Famer. This one of USA great Cammi Granato. $5
$11 for three Hall of Fame players. Two autos and vintage greatness.

Anyone else score anything cool at weekend shows?


  1. Those were some sweet pickups. Next time I go with Spock.

    I picked up a beautiful Linden Select base, a vintage Hextall Pinnacle Stopper and a couple cards for my Raise The Cup project.

    Good times!

  2. I came away with my usual assortment of Winnipeg Jets memorabilia cards - not the ones I was looking for unfortunately - and I finally broke down and overpayed for my first Dale Hawerchuk auto. I also scored a few stacks of early 2000's o pee chee cards, nothing special but still fun to thumb through

  3. That Gillies autograph is pretty nice even if I don't think he should be in the HOF.

    I've eyed that Granato before; I just wish she had a bigger signature.

  4. That is a solid hat-trick there. Cammi is one I need to get some day and a fin would be a fair price!