Thursday, August 15, 2013

Falling behind.... with Milt Schmidt to help me.

No surprise that I'm behind in posting all of the cool stuff I've acquired or has been sent to me by all of the cool people I know. (Hint: if you're not cool, surround yourself with cool people. Therefore you are cool by association.)

I'm also going to attempt to set a record in the number of times I type 'cool' in this post.


Anyways, life, like it tends to do keeps me otherwise occupied. And blogging is the first to suffer. Although I always said if blogging becomes a chore, I'd quit. So not posting all that often is fine with me. If there's still someone out there reading, then all the more better. More better? Wow. Back to grammar school.

So I decided to make an effort and get some of these cards scanned and posted.

I decided to make an effort.

I didn't necessarily make that effort.

See the difference?


What I did end up doing was scanning a card I bought today. This might be a speed record for me of some sort.
I saw it at one of my local card shops. I asked how much as it hadn't been placed in the case yet. $10.

So I thought about it while looking at other stuff.

Then I went back to it.... looked at it again. I was going to buy it when I realized..... it was a reprint. Yeah, okay. I'm having an off day.... give me one, won't you?

So I put it back down.

Back to browsing.

but I kept going back to it.... it's a really nice auto.....

Will you take $8?, I hear myself say....


So now it's home with me.... AND scanned..... AND posted.

Pretty cool if you ask me.


  1. More better than cool. Way more better. I got a package from you today by the way. About to bust into it.

  2. $8 for a Milt Schmidt auto. That's better than cool.

    That's frozen! Great pickup

  3. Cooler than the other side...nope. Not doing the cliche thing again.

    I too received a package from you, only it was a couple days ago. I thank you, sir, for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

  4. Wow, I would have laid down the sawbuck and walked out, good on you to save a couple bucks on top of an already amazing deal.

  5. Awesome card for sure! I recently picked up an original of this card for my Schmidt collection, but I sure do like this one. Any time you can get a Schmidt autograph for $10 or less you do it. If you should ever decide you want to trade it look me up!!!

  6. Very cool! I always like it when the real autograph actually looks like the one printed on the card.

  7. Ay, I e-mailed you about that Getz.

    And nice score!