Friday, December 5, 2014

This is wrong... utterly and completely wrong.

You know when you see something and you know, you just know, that something is very wrong. You might not be able to put your finger on it, but it's there, nagging at you. This. Is. Wrong.

Yeah. It happens. And it happened again last night.

there are so many examples of it.

mistakes that should never have been made.

oh the humanity...

please stop.


it's just ....... wrong.


  1. I liked how Modano wear his age on his jersey with the Dead Wings.

  2. Don't recognize the others but Namath as a Ram for me as an old Rams fan is cool, but very odd. If I recall (and read his late career stats correctly) he only played one game as a Ram, lost the game and remained on the bench for that final season. One of those cases of a great player getting traded after his prime and failing to help the unfortunate team that thought they were getting a great deal.

  3. Martin Broduer joins the list wearing something that isn't Devils jersey. Same last year with Daniel Alfredson in Wings jersey after spending his entire career with Senators

  4. Dale Murphy as anyone but a Brave was horrible to see. And he struggled with the Phillies and was horrible with Colorado. That was so hard to watch. Would have loved to see him end it as a life long Brave. Tom Glavine going to the Mets was also a shot to the heart. He still had some good years left in him so it was a little different but you don't want these guys going somewhere else to end their careers. John Smoltz did the same thing (Red Sox & Cardinals). I was so happy to see Chipper end his career with Atlanta and on a high not ta boot. I'm sure every fan can speak to players from their teams and the heartache they had as their favorite players leave for other teams. Great post.

  5. The once and future king of this category.