Monday, March 24, 2014

They just never change......

Tonight Montreal went into Boston and beat the Bruins as they usually do. That's their sixth straight win in the Garden.
Tuukka Rask can't beat the Habs, 3 wins in 20 games, and both Carey Price, 7-1-1 in his last nine against Boston, and tonight's starter, Peter Budaj, own very good records against the Bruins.

More of the same this evening. Budaj stoned the Bruins in a 2-1 shootout victory.

But of course, with Boston there's always drama. Known league wide as a team with more than their share of cheap shot artists and a club that likes to intimidate their opponents.... except Montreal. It just doesn't work on them lately.

Case in point early in the first, Montreal's Alexei Emelin hit Milan Lucic with a beautiful hip check at center ice. Lucic went up and over landing hard on the ice. 6'9" Zdeno Chara came rushing over to cross check Emelin from behind, earning him a two minute penalty.
Lucic got up and speared Emelin, albeit a glancing blow. Can't blame a guy for trying. Better luck next time Milan!

After the game, Lucic called Emelin "a chicken". This from a guy who never hits a guy from the front, always from behind. Similar to Chara. Nailing Emelin from behind.

the Bruins like a lot of things from behind.

Too bad Beantown....


  1. What, no mention of the Moen beat down?

    1. I would've, but that would require mentioning the guy who insisted on fighting while wearing a visor. Typical.
      That should be a game misconduct right there... every time.

    2. Moen went looking, Miller obliged. Removing the helmet is a 2-minute minor and the linesman jump in. In retrospect, he probably wishes Miller had ditched the lid.

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