Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's good to have friends looking out for you...

that post title is not only true in life, but in the card world as well. (Yes, there IS a difference. Acquiring cards is NOT an important factor of a good life. It's just one of the perks)
My wife and I  were out driving to the opposite side of the city last Saturday (my wife wanted a milkshake from a particular place located about 45 minutes from our house. What my wife wants.... she gets.) when I received a text message from our friend bamlinden from My Hockey Card Obsession.
He was at our local monthly card show and was asking what card numbers I needed to complete the 2013 In The Game Masked Men 5 insert set. We both love the goalie mask cards long time.
Being where I was doing what I was doing, I couldn't answer. But I told him I'd get back to him later.
Fast forward to late afternoon on Sunday, and I get another text message. He managed to grab a "couple" of cards for me.
A couple = thirteen, by the way.
Here they are, in glorious pinky-red refractory shiny goodness. After this, I only need three more to finish off my 50 card set.
The Eagle!

for some reason, Fleury is both card #9 AND #10 in this set. Two different masks, but still....

one of the least deserving members of the Hall of Fame. Grant Fuhr? Really???

Grattoony the Looney!

Speaking of looney...


Olie the goalie.

One of my faves, Denis Herron

Bobby Lou in a retro turned current mask. How's the weather down there?

Kirk McLean. I got nuthin'.

Never liked this guy. Too bad I missed his final year which was with the Habs.

Speaking of never liked..

and finally, Damian Rhodes! Um.... yeah.

Thanks Brett! A great swap for sure. First time I've ever traded food for cards, but whatever works.
Now does anyone have Brian Hayward, Arturs Irbe or Jonathan Quick???

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  1. Glad I could help out. The cards were on for a fantastic price. And the pizza was.....well.....accurate for the price point.