Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I went to a card show and what did I buy?

if you've been following along on Waxaholic, (and if not, what the hell man?) you've seen the true vintage baseball that I picked up at the last show. A 1940 Play Ball and two 1956 Topps... so the question is, did I grab any vintage hockey as well?
And the answer is..... no.
I could've. But the player selection vs the cost ratio was imbalanced. So I satisfied myself with baseball, and went new on the hockey.
At the time is was very unsatisfying to look through all the shiny multi coloured patch autos fresh from their bright wrappers after being around real baseball cards.
But looking back on it now, I like what I got. So I'm pleased with the overall experience.
Here's what I grabbed. No real rhyme or reason to it... just cards of players from my team. I don't know why I brought my want lists to this show... no one had any boxes to dig through.
An oversized box topper rookie MVP of Alex Galchenyuk. $3.

And his regular sized friend. $2.

My first Young Gun of the brand new Upper Deck offering. This one of defenceman Nathan Beaulieu. $2

And a freebie! I got all four of these cards from the same guy, this Alex was thrown in for free. Yay free!

Another freebie! Blogger put these out of order, but this auto was thrown in for free with the purchase of the next card which is....

A cool insert of Carey Price for $3.

I don't normally go for the patch auto stuff.... but for $4 I'll take a chance on Mr Dumont. By the way... nice sig. Is that french, English, or douche? But for $4, what do you expect?

My most expensive card of the lot, a $5 insert of Jarred Tinordi. It's shiny, it's purple.
My wife really likes that one.

So not exactly the same provenance as the baseball, but I had fun with it. And they look good in my player binders.
I just wish I knew if that purple one was rare or not so I know if I got stiffed.

I think I got stiffed.


  1. The purple were from wrapper redemptions. They only offered the rookie cards from the set. I'm fairly certain it was 25 wrappers got you 3 rookies.

  2. That's right. 25 wrappers for a pack of 3 cards...the redemption was closed after only 20 days of the product being on the market. Kind of sucked when three boxes fell into my hands and all those wrappers went to waste.