Saturday, July 27, 2013

TTM Success! Gilles Gilbert, Don Cherry's favourite!

It's been awhile since I posted a ttm success, and they're piling up. Literally. So let's knock one out.

One of my faves growing up, was goalie Gilles Gilbert. The Bruins weren't that annoying yet. And in all of the goalie magazines that I begged my parents to buy when at Safeway always had full colour shots featuring Gilbert in a variety of cool poses.

I really miss those magazines.

Gilles is a gracious ttm signer. He always takes time for his fans. He signed three 8x10's and three cards for me.
Gilles makes a save with Bobby Orr and Don Marcotte looking on in the background. I think the North Star is Dan Maloney, but I haven't tried figuring it out yet.

According to Gilles' comments in the note he sent, he saved this shot and it went wide.
Works for me.

These shots are all from early in his career before he started adding stars to his mask. If you love goalie masks, you know what I'm talking about.

When my wife saw these, she exclaimed what a perfect signature he has, and she's right.
Apparently the crowd was late arriving for this one...
After a brief start in Minnesota, Gilles spent most of his career as a starter in Boston. The final two years were spent in Detroit. Not the Detroit you all know now..... the Detroit from the 70's and 80's... those two years did not do any favours to Gilles' career numbers.
Thanks Gilles!


  1. I too agree. Perfect signature.

    Great TTM success. Congrats.

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  3. Great signatures, pretty sure the North Star in the background is Lou Nanne.

  4. Nice. It is of course, Lou Nanne, who wore #23 for the North Stars from 1967 until 1978.