Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's Hall of Fame time again.... your 2103 Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees...

As the title suggests, the 2013 class of the Hockey Hall of Fame was announced today. Rules mandate a maximum of four players and one person from the builders category may go in.
And that's just what we have.
First, we have the lock of the year.... Chris Chelios.
This former Atlanta Thrasher great won 3 Stanley Cups, 3 Norris Trophies as best defenceman, and made 11 All Star teams in 26 seasons.
Chris becomes the oldest member ever inducted into the Hall on his first year of eligibility. He is 51 years old. Yeah... he last played at 48 years of age.  
RC - 1984-85 OPC

Next, another defenceman, Scott Niedermayer.

Scott won 4 Stanley Cups, 1 Norris Trophy and 1 Conn Smythe trophy as playoff MVP. He was named to 5 All Star games in his 18 seasons.

RC- 1990-91 Upper Deck

Here's one that had me puzzled... I really didn't think he was that good or deserving... but, I really didn't see him play that much in his prime.
Brendan Shanahan played 21 seasons in the NHL, winning 3 Stanley Cups and being named to 3 All Star games. No individual hardware. Never led the league in any category except for one year where he had the most shots. Meh. I'm sure he'll go in as a Whaler.

RC - 1988-89 OPC

I figured Danielle Goyette for this spot, and I was close. Her teammate, Geraldine Heaney.
Geraldine was one of the pioneers of women's hockey. Joining Team Canada in 1990, the first year for organized women's hockey, she won 7 World Championships, Olympic silver and gold medals while being named top defenceman three times.

RC- no idea. I'm showing a 194-95 Classic. I could tell you that was her RC and most of you would have no idea.... but I'm not like that. Okay I am... but not today.

and in the builders category, we have former coach, Fred Shero. Not many people know Fred played 145 NHL games for the Rangers in the late '40's. He's more known as a coach. Specifically for the Broad Street Bullies of the '70's.
Jack won 2 Stanley Cups and 1 Jack Adams trophy as best coach in 10 seasons.
Fred passed away in November of 1990.

RC- 1974-75 OPC

There you have the 2013 Hockey Hall of Fame class.... and once again.... no mention of anyone from the WHA.


  1. I didn't think Shanahan was deserving either. Oh well.

    That said, unlike in baseball, hockey players don't get inducted representing a team, it's their bust that's featured along with a small text describing their career, so that bodes well for modern-day guys who switch teams more often than they score 40 goals...

  2. Great post,

    For the record here is Heaney's only RC:

    1997-98 Collector's Choice #282 Geraldine Heaney