Friday, March 15, 2013

Auto-matic Cardboard

I have some great stuff to show off from last week's trade night.
Do I have any of it scanned?
But I do have a few cards from last Saturday's card show, so you get that instead.
I'm not really working on this set, which goes against my latest attempt at "only buying things from my wantlist" philosophy. However, I am always working on acquiring autos of those who represent this great country at an event held every four years that begins with "O" that I can't mention without getting a nasty letter regarding copyright from their lawyers.
But I'm not bitter.
Moving on.
We have Kim St-Pierre, three time gold medalist at the previously mentioned event. 2002, 2006, 2010. She holds the record for most wins (24) and most shutouts (15), as well as lowest G.A.A. (0.84)
 Interesting (maybe only to me) that during the last three "events", Canada started a different goalie in the gold medal match all three times. St-Pierre in '02, Charline Labonte in '06 and Shannon Szabados in '10.

Up next, Canadian forward Jennifer Botterill. Jennifer also won three gold medals. I wish Jen had moved her sig up half an inch.
 and the third card from the 3 for $5 box, is the second best American women's hockey player ever... Julie Chu. Julie has won two silvers and a bronze.
There you have it. Three pretty cool autographs for $5, and not one copyright infringement. If anyone has any others of these, let me know. Maybe we can swap.


  1. I despised the "Champions" insert (mostly for the ice dancing and other non-hockey stuff)! However, I sometimes forget that there were a few good autos in the mix especially when it came to women's hockey. I must take a look and see if I can nab a few. Great pick-ups.

  2. I wasn't a huge fan of it either, but need to complete it for my 09/10 UD set