Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good Doggie...

Mr dogfacedgremlin from The Real DFG was kind enough to send over a trade package awhile ago. We've been sending stuff back and forth for awhile now, but this one was a wee different. Apparently dfg cleaned out his garage or something. Inside the box he sent, were three other boxes. Two, four hundred count boxes which I haven't touched yet, and another box modified to hold top loaders. For this post, I'll touch on a few of the cards in that box... we'll get to the other two boxes later.

You may sense a theme in theses cards... just a heads up.
 Carey Price insert from '08/09 Upper Deck
 These cards are sexy. Game breakers and Stars of the game from '08/09 Upper Deck Victory.

 Face of the Franchise from '09/10 Upper Deck
 and a Jaroslav Halak red parallel
 A Carey Price '10/11 Certified base card...
 and it's red parallel version /699
 Some guy you may remember.... Patrick Roy. Perhaps the best of all time... I waver on this daily. Always a great debate regardless. Roy, Dryden, Vezina, .... Good times.

 our current Captain, Brian Gionta.
 You may be thinking what the hell??? But Kari Lehtonen here is an example of the 20 or so cards DFG sent towards my set completion. Soon......
 A Carey Price Netminders insert from '10/11 Upper Deck.... and then some brand new cards for the 2011/12 season.

Both the red parallel and regular base Carey Price

again the same for sniper Mike Cammalleri
 only the Red parallel for Mr Subban
 and then some regular base towards my team set... Lars Eller
 leading scorer Tomas Plekanec
and Andrei Kostitsyn...

I'll start to dig into those other boxes soon... it's like Xmas... except it's 30 degrees out.....

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  1. I didn't know if you had any of the new Victory ones or not so I just threw them in there.