Friday, August 12, 2011

First new product of the year - 2011/12 Upper Deck Victory

 Hey look! An Upper Deck hockey product with Sidney Crosby on the wrapper!!! Sid is kind enough to tell us that there are 6 cards in each pack and you'll get a rookie in every other pack. What that means is every other pack, other than the one's that I buy.

Let's see what I got for my $1.
Nicklas Backstrom- Washington Capitals.
 Hmm. I could do without the massive Victory logo behind the player. The large logo on the bottom left is more than enough.

Dan Cleary of the Detroit Red Wings
 Let's see the back... different photo, that's very good. Are you listening Panini? UD does this on their .99 cent product. Monkey see, monkey do???
Career stats, also a big plus.
 Mike Fisher - Nashville Predators
I also don't like how the circle goes out into the border. It looks like the editor missed something.
 Kris Letang - Pittsburgh Penguins.
 David Krejci - of course I would get a Bruin. Why wouldn't I?
 and instead of a rookie, I pull a Game Breaker insert of Taylor Hall. Okay. Not bad. I can sell or more likely trade Taylor for something useful.
All in all not a bad product, although I will not be chasing this set this year. I'll still try and trade for all the Montreal cards... but not the whole set.

All of these are up for swap if any of you feel the need.

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