Friday, May 20, 2011

Big year end card show loot. The quarter box, part one.

So the big year end card show here in Calgary was last weekend. We only have card shows here October through May. Coincidently, the hockey season is October through May. Okay. Not coincidently.
But for Calgary, it's a big show. Around 30 dealers, in a conference room at a casino. It is what it is. This year's autograph guests were spectacular. On saturday, Hall Of Fame defenceman Larry Robinson was in attendance. On sunday, perhaps the greatest of all time, Mr Jean Beliveau.
It was great to see these guys again in person.

But onto what you came here for, the loot. Now you have to understand some things first. Card shows here do not have the wonderful quarterboxes that you read about on Cardboard Junkie. Everything here is priced, well, not cheaply. So to even find a quarterbox was a thrill. Although it was marked as a dollar box. The guy told me if I took a bunch, he'd drop the price to .25 cents. Deal.

Here's the first handful. I saw these online on a couple of blogs, and at the show they were priced at $2-$3 bucks apiece. But there was a slew of them in this quarterbox.

Mr Dave "Tiger" Williams 14 seasons 3966 minutes in penalties

 Joseph James (Terry) O'Reilly 14 seasons 2095 penalty minutes
 Nick Fotiu 13 seasons 1362 penalty minutes plus another season and 238 penalty minutes in the WHA
 John Wensink 8 seasons 840 penalty minutes
 Gerald (Jerry) 'King Kong' Korab 15 seasons 1629 penalty minutes
 Dave 'The Hammer' Schultz  8 seasons 2295 penalty minutes.
 Bryan 'Bugsy' Watson 16 seasons 2212 penalty minutes
 Bobby Schmautz 15 seasons 988 penalty minutes. Not sure why he is in this set, he was always a stick guy, not a fighter.
 Bob 'Mad Dog' Kelly, 12 seasons 1454 penalty minutes. Not to be confused with Bob 'Battleship' Kelly.
 Andre 'Moose' Dupont 13 seasons 1986 penalty minutes.
somehow I ended up with two of Moose Dupont, so if anyone needs him, let me know. I would like to finish this set, so I'll be on the lookout for others.

These cards are begging to be autographed on the bottom. I know, there is an autographed parallel of these. I just wish Panini would give a crap and do the non-auto version a little better with not as much blank space.
Still, it's cool to see these guys get cards again.

I'll have another card show post up tomorrow.


  1. I hate you.

    Wasn't Kelly's nickname, Hound Dog, though?

  2. ahh... the love of a Bruins fan... heh...

    you know, you might be right about Kelly. Hound Dog does sound right.

  3. Love this set. And yes, they look odd when not signed.

  4. Very nice find. Imagine how many boxes you would have to open just to pack pull those.