Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wait no more....

Okay, so I'm finally getting around to posting this. A wee while ago, I mentioned stopping by my card shop and coming home with a few things, among them 7 packs of 2010/11 OPC. And a couple of you actually said you wanted to see what I got.
So here are the highlights...

An Atlanta Thrashers Team Leaders insert from last season. Interesting that Kovalchuk isn't there anymore, and neither is Hedberg.
 A black bordered rainbow retro parallel of Paul Stastny. One or two per box.
 A rainbow parallel of Maple Laff Tyler Bozak. Leaf. I meant Leaf, not Laff..... heh....
 In the same pack as Bozak, I got Dion. Talk about a team pack. Is he still dating Elisha? I miss Elisha.
 Also among the seven retro parallels I got was future superstar Erik Johnson
 and a 'Legends' retro of the human sieve, Grant Fuhr. You knew if anyone was going to pull him, it would be me.
 I didn't get any SP Legends cards, but I did pull five SP Rookies. Out of seven packs, that was pretty good. I think.

Zac Dalpe, a 21 y/o center for Carolina has 3 goals and 1 assist in 14 games this year.
 Jared Cowen, a 6'5" 230lb defenceman of the Ottawa Senators has only played in 1 NHL game so far, but was a man among boys at the recent World Junior Championships...
 Dustin Tokarski. Can anyone tell me why, with Tampa's horrid goaltending, Dustin has not received his shot at the NHL yet?
 Bob. Bob has come out of nowhere to become the #1 netminder for the Flyers. Really happy to pull this card.
 Oh. And some kid outta Edmonton. Is he any good? Anyone?
Anyways, them da hits. Not to mention all of the wonderful base cards towards my set.

Regarding the retros... I love these. Love 'em. If any of you have some, and feel inclined, send them my way. I'll leave a light on.

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  1. Not only is "Toc" not getting a shot in the NHL he wasn't even the starter for the AHL team. One of your boys - Ced Desjardins had that honor. It's pointless now since Stevie Y shored up the net with Father Time...