Friday, January 21, 2011

1974-75 Topps Card #7 Gary Bromley RC

Card Features - Gary Bromley
Okay, okay, it's been awhile. Next time, nag me. It works for my wife.
We have past the first six leader cards and are into individual players. The first player chosen to be in this set? Rookie Buffalo goalie Gary 'Bones' Bromley. 1974-75 was Gary's best year in the NHL, as he went 26 wins, 11 losses, 11 ties. Gary would jump ship in two years to Calgary of the WHA. After his stint in the WHA, Gary would play three final seasons in the NHL with the Vancouver Canucks.
Look for a post in the next day or two explaining Gary's nickname, and the reason why he is still well known today.


  1. Looks a little like me in 1975, no offense to Gary, or is it me?

  2. I love Bromley's old mask. Nothing beats the crazy '70s goalie masks.