Sunday, March 20, 2016

45 years ago tonight....

This happened.*

Two brothers playing goal against each other in an NHL game. Rookie Ken Dryden against his older brother Dave and the first year expansion Buffalo Sabres.
The story is well known. If, somehow you haven't heard it, google is your friend.

To my knowledge, the Drydens are still the only pair to do it, although the Pickards could one day accomplish it.

*I believe this picture is from the second time they played against each other. I don't have a decent pic of them from their first meeting.


  1. Interesting mask that Dryden is sporting (Ken that is). It's not his iconic target mask nor is it his pretzel-style. It looks identical to the one Dryden is wearing (Dave that is).

    Great photo.

  2. Great history lesson. Thanks for sharing.