Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TTM Success! Richard "Dickie" Moore...

Back in late May or early June I went to a few card shows (including one in Edmonton) with the specific purpose of finding a vintage card of Dickie Moore. (two time Art Ross trophy winner as leagues top scorer, and six time Stanley Cup winner.) I needed one to send out for an autograph request. I found a couple of beauties, but they were too expensive and too nice to risk on an auto.
Then I found a guy who had no display cases, but rather piles of stuff. binders, photo albums, shoe boxes, etc... all of it with older odds and ends inside. I inquired about Dickie Moore cards and he went to digging. He found one, again, too nice... he asked why I didn't like that condition, and I explained. His eyes lit up and he told me he had just what I was after.... two piles over near the bottom he unearthed a binder and went straight to the back where he pulled out this.
PERFECT! How much? 5 bucks he said... I offered $3, and he took it. Brilliant. A 1960-61 Parkhurst Dickie Moore for $3.
It now looks like this.....
 Mr Moore also signed an 8x10 of him in action....
 as well as a "Tall Boy" card of him when he went slumming to Toronto.
Mr Moore was also kind enough to send a hand written letter back thanking me for my letter.

A real class act.

Now..... who can identify the other two players in the 8x10 with Dickie Moore?


  1. For my Toronto Maple Leafs, Bob Nevin
    For the other team, Jean-Guy Talbot

  2. One of the nicest signatures out there! Great success on a great looking vintage card. That photo ain't too bad either :)