Saturday, August 4, 2012

one man's junk.....

I remember a few days ago, Fuji asked everyone who reads his blog, why do you collect cards? I answered a few reasons, but one that I forgot was.... one man's junk is another man's treasure. I'm of course talking about trading. Getting rid of crap you don't want in exchange for some treasures you can't for the life of you figure out why anyone would part with.

Trade night at one of the local card shops was this past Thursday. It was a really good time. Fifteen to twenty people sitting around tables, passing around trade boxes while chatting and watching tape delayed coverage of the Olympics.

I managed to come home with a few beauties for myself. Only one new Carey Price though.
People are really reluctant to rid themselves of his cards.
 I added another die cut Masked Men card towards my set. Ryan Miller joins the party and gets me within 5 of the 50 card set.
 This framed Ice Kings card is similar to what Gypsy Queen does, and by Tuesday should be in the hands of the man featured on the card itself. Hopefully he will sign it and send it back to me. Fingers crossed.
 Another Jimmy Howard. I've quietly put together an extensive Jimmy Howard collection. Why  I have no idea.... but it's cool to have a collection of someone who doesn't play for Montreal.
 Speaking of Montreal, I added another auto from the Parkhurst Champions set. I think that makes around 20 or so..... and I haven't spent a dime. Love it.
 Two more cards for my goalie autograph collection. The first from the frog subset in Between the Pipes.
 And a goalie better known for his coaching abilities than his playing days.
The last two are youngin's who haven't really found their place yet.

Fourth generation player Blake Geoffrion.
 Blake's card is odd in that the windows for the jersey pieces are recessed deep into the card. There is an 1/8th of an inch gap between the surface of the card and the swatch. Very odd.

Speaking of odd........ A "Rookie Rivalry" card featuring Louis Leblanc vs. Ben Scrivens.
Not quite sure what a rivalry they have. They've played against each other......... once. The very last game of the season. Montreal won. Louis played 13 minutes and had 3 shots.
Not exactly the Hatfields vs the McCoys.
But it's a good looking card, so I'll look the other way.

For those of you who have read this far.... can you believe that the new 2012-13 OPC set is coming out in 2 weeks?


  1. Love the Emile Francis auto, and I had no idea OPC is that close to being released!

  2. I've seen the mockups for OPC and I really like the looks of it.

  3. You're absolutely correct... trading and interaction among collectors is an awesome reason to collect. And that Parkhurst autograph design is pretty cool... it's even cooler that you haven't purchased any of them.

    As for 12/13 OPC... had not clue. Then again... I don't bust new wax, so I never would have known.