Thursday, April 5, 2012

Upper Deck Series Two Case Break

I took part in, like the title says, an Upper Deck Series Two case break last Friday. Normally I shy away from these things, but I hadn't started to collect the set yet, so I figured why not?
200 card set, plus 50 short print Young Gun rookies.
The team that I was assigned?
Columbus Blue Jackets. Now you know why I shy away from these things.
 I actually did okay though. So no complaints. The Jackets have a young team, with rookie Ryan Johansen leading the way. Unfortunately, UD featured star Rick Nash in Series One, and Jeff Carter in Series Two. Jeff Carter is now in L.A. Too bad for me.
No autos for me, but as you can see, two relic cards. The wrong rookie one though.
 A few canvas inserts, like Jeff Carter ...
 and Antoine Vermette. Love that shot.
 A couple of MVP inserts. I love this set. I have no idea why. I'll miss it next year.
Jeff Carter and...
 a Ryan Johansen black MVP rookie.
 I got something like four of these Jeff Carter Victory cards...
 and another four of the Ryan Johansen Victory rookies.
I traded one to the dude next to me for one of his Gabriel Landeskog Victory rookies.
 Another three Jeff Carter OPC update cards...
 and of course his OPC Update Retro card. UD used the same picture for this one. BOO! Bad Upper Deck.
 I got three of Ryan Johansen's OPC Update short print rookies... traded one for....
this beautiful Louis Leblanc OPC Update rookie.
 Like Carter, I also got the retro short print parallel of Ryan Johansen's rookie. Different picture. Better.
 I only got one Ryan Johansen Young Gun, and I traded it for Louie Leblanc's Young Gun.
 I also got the Young Gun's short print checklist. I traded it for half a dozen cards including a Brian Gionta canvas card...
 A rogie Vachon Heroes card
 a Jean Beliveau heroes card....
and three cards I already put into binders and didn't scan. Oops.

Plus, I got a complete base set of cards #251-450. Which was the main reason for doing this. More fun than buying the set for $15 at the show next week.

All in all it was a fun break, although it was weird to be in a case break where no one wanted to trade teams before hand. There was only one trade. Odd.

Oh, and the dude who had the Washington Capitals? Yeah... an Alexander Ovechkin Rookie buyback autograph. A nice little $700 card right there. Thanks for coming out.


  1. Weird, I didn't know the boxes had assigned teams...

  2. I don't know if I should congratulate you or not.

    So I'll give you a "Way to go!"