Monday, September 12, 2011

Trade Night Booty.

there's another card shop in Calgary that I do not frequent that often. There were reasons for my choices... some of you may remember my rantings on them in a post over two years ago. I won't bring it up again as there is no need. Things are changing there, and for the better. I have to go there sometimes to get supplies that my shop doesn't carry. I now have more reasons to go as they have quarter boxes!!! Well, quarter binders anyways. And dollar boxes! That was a nice surprise. I'll show you the pillage from those in another post. This post is about their very first trade night.

When I found out they were having a trade night, I figured I'd check it out. Hey, mention the phrases "door prizes" and "free pizza" and I'm there.
I didn't win any door prizes, but I did get my fill of pizza.... and some very sweet trades with a bunch of collectors that I hadn't met before.

I scanned a bunch of 'em here... and I'll mostly let the pictures do the talking. See if you can make it to the very end....
 Patrick Roy 10/11 OPC sp... one more sp closer to set completion. 11/12 OPC comes out on the 20th. I don't think I'll finish this one first.
 a couple of Carey Price base cards...

 Carey Price Zenith insert
 I traded for this SPx Price, but I had it already. Oops.
 This is better... a die-cut triple diamond Black Diamond Carey Price.
 sweet looking Victory insert... Vitory has had some really nice inserts over the years...
 another  base card, but one I didn't have yet! Bonus!
 hard to tell, but this eX Price is see through on the sides.... a really nice looking card.
 someone wanted my 08/09 Steve Mason exclusive /100... he had this 08/09 Markov exclusive /100. Done deal.
 These next two autographed cards I traded with the card shop to get. I had a couple of autos he wanted, and he had these.... Rejean Houle on card Parkhurst auto, and...
 a Steve Shutt Artifacts auto. Very cool.
 I was also able to trade for a bunch of Upper Deck Young Guns short printed rookie cards to help me with my set chasing. Mr Reimer is from the 09/10 set... he'll be the Leafs starting goalie this season.
 and I got a bunch from 08/09 as well.... John Mitchell
 John Curry... who probably will never play for the Penguins. Blocked by Fleury and that Russian kid...
 One of, if not the best player on the Blues, Alex Pietrangelo. I was psyched to get this card... but not as psyched as I was to get this one....
Drew Doughty rookie! Ah yeah!

Congrats for making it to the end... give yourself a cookie. On me. I'm good for it.


  1. You type booty, I'm coming to look at the Hockey Hottie. I'm just sayin'.

  2. I was just following directions to come back here.

  3. What's the size of your Habs team collection now?

  4. You know you love Reimer.

    However, if you love him a little bit less - I have a Jason Heyward Topps 60th auto.....

  5. I'm loving price's chasing the cup card