Monday, January 10, 2011

not what I set out for, but it'll do...

Last week I went up to my LCS to say hi, grab a couple packs of Topps Magic Football, and some supplies. I said hi, he was sold out of Topps Magic Football, and I forgot the supplies. A typical day in my life.

But all was not lost. I tried out a pack of the new Donruss hockey, and grabbed 7 packs of 2011 OPC hockey, along with some commons singles for some TTM attempts. All of which I will show to you later.

What I've got for you now is something the owner gave me as I was leaving. He handed me a team set bag with the first 10 cards of this year's Upper Deck Biography of a Season. Apparently there are 30 cards in this set, to be released gradually throughout the season. Or something like that.

Anyways, here they are for your viewing pleasure.
 Ovi and Sid, of course. It'd be better if Ovi's card just had a floating head on it...

 one of the twins and the kid in Tampa

 Hey! A Montreal player! and some loser in orange....

 not one, but two 'Hawks. Spare any change Patrick?

 Taylor and some guy in Blue
There you have it, and you're all much better for it too.... I can tell.