Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sweet 400.

I am a wee late with this since it happened over the xmas break. But goalie Chris Osgood got his 400th NHL win.  Chris is the 10th goalie in history to achieve that feat.

                             Wins  Avg  WPCT
1.  Martin Brodeur *  607  2.23  55.08%
2. Patrick Roy  551  2.53  53.55%
3. Ed Belfour  484  2.50 50.26%
4. Curtis Joseph  454  2.79  48.14%
5. Terry Sawchuk 447  2.50  46.04%
6. Jacques Plante  437   2.37  52.21%
7. Tony Esposito  423   2.92  47.74%
8. Glenn Hall  407   2.49  44.92%
9. Grant Fuhr  403   3.38  46.43%
10. Chris Osgood *  400  2.49  53.91%

As you can see, Ozzy is in pretty good company on that list. The obvious exception is Grant Fuhr, one of the most overrated players in the history of the NHL. This guy was horrible, but was fortunate to play on a team that scored 7 or 8 goals a game.
Ozzy has the 2nd best goals against average and the 2nd best winning percentage. Not too shabby. Chris not only has three Stanley Cup wins, but was the first goalie since Terry Sawchuk to win Cups as a strating goalie 10 years apart.
Chris also has two Bill Jennings trophies as best goalie and is one of only five goalies to score a goal by directly shooting the puck into the opponents net.

With of all that said, Ozzy is probably most famous for being the last goalie in the NHL to wear the 'bucket mask'. Funny how things work.

Is he a Hall of Famer? Looking st those numbers and comparing to others in the Hall, the answer is yes. Either that, or some goalies need to be removed from the Hall.

I wanted to also post his rookie card, but they are in the '93/94 sets when i wasn't collecting. I'll have to find one or two of his for my collection....

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  1. I have been debating Osgood as HOFer in my head for a bit now. I think all of the Hall of Fames are super diluted and need to be weeded. Only the very best of the sport should be inducted and unfortunately, when I think of Osgood, I don't think of that.

    I mean, how many people have paid to go see Osgood play? Like specifically going too see Osgood? He's been a very good goalie for a long time, but I have never feared him, y'know? Goalies that should be in the hall are Roy, Brodeur, Vezina, Plante, Sawchuck, etc. I rank a guy like Osgood along the lines of Vernon and Vanbiesbrouck and they are not HOFers. Even someone like CuJo isn't a HOFer to me; Belfour MAYBE.

    Basically, what a HOFer boils down to me is a guy you would pay to see and who is in the top-3 at his position during his career.