Thursday, January 6, 2011

Epic heartbreak...

That's the wrong colour in the picture. It might as well be aluminum. The plan was going so well. Build a team to take back the gold from the Americans. And it worked. But someone forgot to tell the Russians.

Canada continued their domination through the first two periods. Out skating, out hitting, and outscoring the Russian team 3-0 in the gold medal match.
Twenty minutes to play. The gold is locked up. The third period starts, and Canada stops skating. They stop hitting. They stop shooting. Russia, does not. In the first two minutes it's now 3-2. Three minutes later, 3-3. Five minutes after that, 4-3 Russia. After a last second tally, the final reads 5-3 Russia. The most epic collapse in World Junior Championship history. Silver for Canada. Again.

I'm kinda glad that blogger wasn't working last night, as I may have said some things that were, well, not necessary.
Bottom line, the kids worked their asses off and came home with silver medals. I'm proud of their effort, and the rest of Canada should be too. After all, they spanked the U.S., so there's that, right?


  1. The team definitely fared better than I thought they would in the my hat is off to the kids.l..but yeah, losing like that was rough.

    I will say that even though it was 3-0 after 2 periods, I was still nervous. Just felt that if the Russians scored early in the 3rd it would be white knuckle time. was that & then some.


  2. You think the Russians are still a bit upset about the 1980 Olympics? mmmm could be.