Friday, January 7, 2011

Word to your momma.

So we had a rather interesting finish to last night's Canadiens/Penguins game. Tied at 1 after overtime, it went to the shootout.
Benoit Pouliot of Montreal then channeled his inner Peter Forsberg.

That was cool enough, but goalie Carey Price still had to save the game on the final shot... afterwards, he represents. Looks like he's been watching old school rap on youtube....

But that's fine with me... Price always plays better when he's cocky. Remember when he pulled out this beauty after beating Tampa?

Not bad.

Oh, and kids, don't forget to do your homework. Don't think that football players are the only ones that study tendancies. Hockey players have to do it too.... Case in point. If Brent Johnson of the Penguins had done his homework, he may not have lost the game. Here's Benoit playing with the Houston Aeroes of the AHL in 2008.

Look familiar? Do your homework.

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  1. I wish there was more of that carey price celebration in all goalies in the nhl...sick goal by pouliot (x2)