Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A pack break and set review, all in one.

As mentioned in my previous post, I picked up a pack of the new Donruss hockey. Donruss never came out with a decent hockey product before while they were actually Donruss, let's see how they do now that they're Panini.

$4 a pack for 10 cards. I wish I had kept the wrapper and scanned it.... it has a warning on the wrapper that the contents inside are made for ages 9+. So much for getting the kids back in the hobby. Way to go Panini!

 The photography is hit and miss... at best.
 The design of the card really detracts from the photo, and like OPC, the logo is waaaaay too big.
 The card stock is okay, and not too glossy...
 but too many photos are of just one skater...
 nice to see the fans in Florida filling the seats...

 like I said... different players, but the same static photography.
 although the use of team colours in nice... the wording of the players position is a waste. Too hard to read.

 and the backs are an epic fail. If you are going to put a photo on the back, good for you! But make it a different photo or don't bother.
Career stats are a must with hockey sets. And again, the design inpedes into the structure of the card. Certainly not necessary on the back.

Considering this is Panini's answer to Upper Deck Series 1, we will have to compare it to Upper Deck. Panini released Score to compete with Upper Deck Victory as a starter set priced at $1 per pack. ($30 per box) And they did fairly well. But with Donruss, they decided to take on the Big Boy. And failed. Miserably. The card stock, photography, card backs, card design, and price point all come up far short of Upper Deck.

So the parent company may have changed, but again, it's the same old Donruss. If you happen to like this stuff, wait for 6 months. You'll be able to buy boxes dirt cheap.


  1. I'm on the fence on these. Of all the Panini releases so far, it is sadly the best IMO.

    Since I picked up so many, I'm still going to build the set.

  2. Hate the base set, love the Tough Times and Ice Kings inserts. I'll give them a pass since this is a new product but next year, NO MERCY!

  3. With you on this one Canuck, Donruss was a disappointment. I bought one pack and was not impressed in the least. I don't believe this set could have competed with Ultra let alone Upper Deck. The inserts are alright, but can be found on eBay for pretty cheap thus saving you the extra cost of buying boxes.