Sunday, July 30, 2017

Final Parkie Post...... for now.

So here is the final post of my recent Parkhurst purchase. I hope to find more soon. There is a big show here the last weekend of September, *fingers crossed*.
Unfortunately the prices at that show are usually fairly high. But we can hope.

Until then...

Ab McDonald - 5 All Star games, 3 Stanley Cups. By the time this card came out, Ab was in Chicago, traded there by Montreal. He played 16 seasons, the last two in the WHA for Winnipeg. His three Cups? His first three years in the league.

The last four cards are group cards.

The backs talk about "lines"... but from my research, these were not the lines for the Habs.
So it's probably just the manufacturers throwing dudes on cards for the sake of it. Come to think of it, they still do that today.

What would be the top line? Marshall, Richard and top scorer Moore? Or Geoffrion, Beliveau and Marshall? Apparently Donny Marshall was very sought after.

That's it for now. Thanks for looking / reading. If any of you have any of these in good shape that you want to part with..... (HA!!) let me know.

Until next time....

Friday, July 14, 2017

If you give a Pig a Parkie.....

Parkie..... Pancake.... all the same to me. I can't get enough of either. Although pancakes are easier to find.....
Alas, today, we have more Parkies.

Bob Turner - Six seasons in Montreal, five All Star appearances,  five Stanley Cups.

Tom Johnson - One Norris Trophy, Eight All Star games, Six Stanley Cups.

Boom Boom. - Eleven time All Star.  Calder Trophy winner. Two time Art Ross scoring champion. Hart trophy winner. MVP. Six Stanley Cups.

Doug Harvey - 50% of people believe Harvey to be the best defenseman to ever play. 50% think it's that guy in Boston. Tough to compare.
Thirteen time All Star. Seven Norris trophies. Six Stanley Cups.

Phil Goyette - Four time All Star. Lady Byng trophy winner. Five Stanley Cup championships.

Once again, the backs for posterity.

Only one more of these Parkie posts to go.............. for now.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Parkie Overload, Part 2.

I promised to show off more of these.... so if any of you are out there, here they are. Well, some of them, anyway. There are still a whack more to come.
I had a couple of requests for backs, so they are here too.... bask in the gloriousness.

The great Dickie Moore - 2 time Art Ross winner, 6 time All Star, 6 time Stanley Cup winner, Hall of Fame.

Junior Langlois - 2 time All Star, 3 time Stanley Cup winner

Bill Hicke - 3 time All Star, 2 time Stanley Cup winner

Ralph Backstrom - Calder Trophy winner, 6 time All Star, 6 time Stanley Cup winner

Don Marshall - 7 time All Star, 5 Time Stanley Cup winner

Not much into typing today.... this heat wave is kicking my a$$. Calgary should not be this hot for this long. If I wanted to live in Phoenix, I would move to Phoenix.


Sunday, July 2, 2017

So sharp, you could shave with them...

Where does the time go?

Meh. Anyways..... I thought I'd show off a few recent acquisitions. These are all in amazing shape. No creases, no wrinkles, no issues, save an off centre or two. But what's that between friends, right?

I won't bore you with card numbers or names, especially since in 1960 they printed them right on the front of the card.

 Just look at that colour pop. Simple. Clean.

Amazing cards. I'll hopefully post some of their friends later.

Oh, Happy Canada Day.


I've had a request to see the backs.... ask and ye shalt receive. (Some of the time, anyway)

C'est fantastique, non?

Friday, November 25, 2016

Perhaps the best ever.... 1956 Montreal Canadiens

This is the last in the three part series of my card show team photo buying spree. Today's shows the Publicity shot given out to celebrate the 1956-57 Montreal Canadiens. It's printed on a higher quality newsprint that has a bit of stiffness to it. (and my scanner nicely cut off the left side border)

This is the team that in the 1955-56 season, went 45-15-10 on their way to the first of five consecutive Stanley Cup Championships. A record that still stands today.

The Hardware. (from left to right)

Art Ross (scoring champion) Jean Beliveau
Hart (MVP - Original trophy, not used today) Jean Beliveau
Stanley Cup
Prince of Wales  ( eastern conference champions)
Vezina (Best goaltender) Jacques Plante
Norris (Best defenseman)  Doug Harvey

New for 56/57
That's Maurice Richard front and center wearing the Captain's "C" on his sweater after the retirement of former captain, Butch Bouchard.

Fun Facts
William Northey, old dude behind the Stanley Cup, was responsible for two rules changes still in effect today.
He pressured the NHL to switch from two, thirty minute halves, to three, twenty minute periods.
He also was responsible for the removal of the "Rover" position, cutting the number of players on the ice for each team to six.
Can you imagine another player for each team skating around out there? Lunacy.

There are thirteen Hall of Famers in that picture. Thirteen. On one team. Wow.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Cleveland Barons Inaugural Year.... 1976-77

More card show purchases. Along the same theme, original press photos given out by the team.
Today we have the first year Cleveland Barons. Fresh from Oakland and under new ownership.

A little too many dudes in bad suits for my liking, but other than that, it's golden.

Cleveland played two years in Ohio before merging with the existing Minnesota North Stars. As of this writing they are the last pro franchise of the big four to cease operations. Dennis Maruk (short guy, middle, top row) was the last former Baron (and Seal) to play in the NHL, retiring in 1989.

The price on this was unbelievably cheap compared to my Los Angeles Sharks one. Reason being this one is not in perfect condition.

The back has issues.

Someone had lovingly glued it onto a wall or into a scrap book. To some, that makes this undesirable. To me, it makes it fascinating.
Was it a young child putting up pictures of their heroes? A relative of someone in the organization? A crazy stalker fan obsessed with bad suits?
Whatever.... I love it.

Next up, going back, way back. A team you've probably heard of.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

WHA Inaugural Year - Los Angeles Sharks

The WHA, or World Hockey Association began with the 1972-73 season with twelve teams. One of them being the Los Angeles Sharks.
The Sharks would play two seasons in L.A. before moving to Detroit for the 74/75 season as the Michigan Stags. Unable to compete with the Red Wings, they once again moved, this time mid season on January 18, 1975 to Baltimore to play as the Blades.
They franchise would fold at the end of the season.

But at the very beginning, not unlike every Maple Leaf season, the franchise was full of hope. Excitement.
Look at these happy, smiling faces.

What we have here is an original 8x10 Los Angeles Sharks team press photo. My scanner cut off a bit on the right side, but all the info is there.

I picked up this little beauty at our annual gimungo card show last weekend. Okay, it wasn't THAT gimungo, but everything is relevant.
I oogled it all weekend, and at the close of the show late Sunday, I pounced.
Okay, not so much as pounced as pleaded for a better price. But it worked. (obviously)

Keeping the WHA history alive... one little bit at a time.

(Oh, isn't it odd that the 1972 Sharks had better uniforms than the 2016 San Jose Sharks?)