Monday, January 3, 2011

Going for Gold...

Canada 4 U.S.A. 1
The best part about xmas being over is not the end of xmas carols, nor the shopping. It's the beginning of the World Junior Hockey Championships.
Last year, Canada lost the gold in overtime to the U.S. This year was going to be different. And it will be.
They met today in Buffalo. Not in the gold medal match as everyone anticipated, but in the semi finals. Canada came through in a dominating performance, winning 4-1. The game was not that close. Kudos to U.S. netminder Jack Campbell for keeping the game interesting. The words 'under seige' were used more than once. It was interesting to watch a game in BUFFALO with 85% of the crowd wearing the red and white of Team Canada. The U.S. had to play a road game on home ice.
Canada will play Russia for the gold on wednesday, the U.S. will play Sweden for the bronze.

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