Thursday, January 26, 2012

Two more for the PC.....

I've really let my player collections slack lately. Too busy chasing sets, or shiny things... you know how it gets. One of my collecting goals for the future is to concentrate more on my player collections.
Case in point, Lyle Odelein.

I hadn't been on ebay for awhile, and found myself on there for a completely different reason. So I decided before signing off to do a quick search for Lyle.
I found a seller who happened to have two cards of his that I needed. I mailed off an offer, and of course he accepted. It wouldn't be much of a post if he didn't accept, now would it?

$3 shipped got me this '97/98 Pacific Emerald Parallel, and.....
 this 2002/03 Pacific Complete Ruby Parallel # 099/100
Nice to be able to knock off one of those rare ones.

Of course, with the recent release of ITG's "Enforcers", Lyle's card count just went way up. More for me to chase I guess.

If you have any Lyle Odelein, Chris Nilan, Jim or Joe Watson, Carey Price, or PK Subban cards, send me an email.
Hopefully I can get my player collection want lists up soon to join my set want lists link on the right hand side.

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  1. I busted a ton of 97/98 Pacific products chasing down the parallels. Anyways, after sifting through a huge stack, I came across one Odelein. Do you need the red "treat" parallel? It looks exactly like your emerald, but it's red.

    LMK... and I'll ship it out. I figure it's the least I could do, since you've beat me in FF two years in a row.