Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pre-Christmas card show...

You all know what it's like... scanner problems, computer problems... the cards pile up on your desk because "you'll just leave them there until you get the scanner fixed and then you'll put them away." Promise.
Eventually, the piles get so big it's like you've built a fort for the cat.

In an effort to catch up, and perhaps more importantly, clean up, I give you these cards from the last card show of 2010........ at least I think that's where they are from....

Nine cards, the first seven out of various dollar boxes.

2008-09 Fleer Ultra Franchise Player Carey Price
 an '07-08 ITG Calder Cup Champion Carey Price
 a lot of these dollar cards I could get for 18 cents on Sportlots... but I'm there, so I cave in. Besides, it's more fun, right?

2011-12 Score Frnachis Player Carey Price.

at the rate my team is going, Carey Price may be the only player featured as their "Franchise Player" for the next 10 years.
 2008-09 Fleer Ultra Difference Maker Carey Price

ditto what I said about Franchise applies to these Difference Makers as well.
 Enogh Carey for now... here we have a card celebrating PK Subban's first goal in the NHL.
Scored against Boston. In Boston. Good times.
 2011-12 Certified Throwback Threads Charlie Simmer before his more famous Kings days.
 Normally I skip right past the autos in the dollar box. 98% of them are of guys who never made it or I've never heard of or both. This one I stopped at, and bought. Chris is a part time D-Man for Montreal right now, so why not. On card for a buck.
 The final two cards cost more then the previous seven combined. But I had to. The first is from ITG's 1972 set.
One of my favourite goalies of all time. Sticker price $5, paid $4. On card Denis Herron auto.
 The last card I bought on a whim. There was a new seller at the show. I always like to buy from new sellers. Hopefully they'll keep coming back. Sticker price $10, paid $8.
It became my first Subban relic card.
There you have it, thanks for reading, and now I can put these cards away.One less turret for the cat.


  1. I really like the Charlie Simmer Cleveland Barons card, great stuff.

  2. That 2011-12 Score "The Franchise" insert set is beautiful... one of my favorites in recent years.