Tuesday, January 17, 2012

TTM Success! Brett Hull, The Golden Brett, Hall of Famer

Ahhh... I may never catch up from my time without a scanner.... (read:slacking)....
In celebration of the fact that the St Louis Blues are in first place overall for the first time this late in the season since....... a horrifically long time, I'll feature a Blue today. Not just any Blue either.

Today's TTM return is from Hall of Famer Brett Hull.
Brett certainly lived up to the expectations of having a famous father... he scored over 80 goals in one season, over 70 three times, over 50 five times and over 40 eight times. Including the vaunted 50 goals in 50 games.

Where did I get this? Why, from Brett Hull of course.
What is it? An 8x10 from his days in St Louis.

Nice! Although Brett decided to keep the three cards I sent him. If any of you get extras from him, They're Mine!

Thanks Brett!


  1. I am hoping mine arrive any day now. If I end up with extras I will see that you get one!

  2. VERY nice! How do you store all of your 8x10s? In a binder?

    1. depends on the subject... my faves go into frames on the wall. Beliveau, Dryden, Lafleur, etc... on three walls in my "man cave" and I have a goalie wall too.. Bones Bromley, Cobra Simmons, Gilles Meloche, etc...
      the ones that don't make a wall go into binders.

  3. You're welcome. What did I do?


    1. kept my damn cards for one.... weren't you reading?