Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Two dollars..... TWO DOLLARS.....

For those of you who remember early John Cusack movies, that title is for you. An internet cookie is your prize if you remember the title.
At the last card show of the year, uh... of last year, I went there armed with my list and a lot of focus. I did pretty good. I was tempted by some cool stuff, but I held firm and stuck to my list.
I'll show off two of the cards here now. And like the title suggests, they became mine for $2 apiece.
The first is a Phil Myre auto from the 2012 ITG Between the Pipes set.
 Phil has two autos in the set. I acquired the other one earlier in the year.
 Phil had a really interesting blog for awhile, but he had to stop posting at the end of last hockey season as he accepted a job with the Montreal Canadiens and they have a rule about employees blogging.
However, there was a regime change shortly after followed by the lockout. Now I can't find any evidence whether Phil still works there or not.
If anybody can shed some light on that, please do.

The other card I picked up was a game used jersey piece /99 of Hall of Famer Marcel Dionne.
 From last year's Dominion, it's a great piece of the King's yellow. It also sits quite nicely beside a card I picked up at an earlier show....
Now I have 2/3 of the Triple Crown line. I REALLY wish Panini would use colour photos of players who played in the late '80's.
I'm waaaaay too lazy to find out if Dave Taylor, the other member of the line, has a card like this or not. I'll ask my buddy who is a Dominion collecting fool.
I hope so. Those three would look pretty sweet sitting next to each other once more.

Now the next monthly show is this Saturday... and I'm plumb broke from xmas. Hoefully I won't find anything I want.

(Yeah right)


  1. Very nice, those are two great scores for $2 per!

  2. Myre's got a great signature. No reason why Simmer needed to be B&W. Lame.

    My Cusack is not up to snuff. But if I had to guess (and I mean "no peeking" when I say that) it would have to be Sixteen Candles. My sister loves those 80's flicks.

    Happy New Year!