Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Card Shop Hockey Pool

One of my local card shops has a pool going for the upcoming "season".

Buy 5 packs of 2012-13 Score Hockey for $5.

From the base cards pulled from your packs (no inserts allowed) choose a goalie, 2 defencemen, and 3 forwards.

Whomever wins at the end gets a box of Upper Deck Series 2.

Sweet. I'm in.

Let's see who I got.

In goal, #32 Jonathan Quick - Can't complain on this one. Plus it was either him or Brian Boucher.
Manning the blue line we have Dustin Byfuglien......
and Ryan Callahan. Meh. Could be worse.
Speaking of worse, we have my forwards....

Marian Gaborik
and Milan Lucic. No, you are not see things. My packs were desolate.
maybe if I'm lucky, 'Cheap Shots' will be a scoring catagory in which case Lucic will carry me to victory!

But probably not.

I don't think you'll be witnessing me opening my prize with that lineup. But for $5, it's a fun effort.


  1. gaborik was third in the league in goals last year.

  2. Good luck with that. I wish we had cool card shops that would do stuff like that here. That sounds fun.