Monday, January 14, 2013

Glorious. For it is, The Subban

If the lockout was good for anything, I'll admit it was a lot easier tracking down bigger name players for ttm attempts.
Since they didn't have a lot of playing/practicing/travelling to do, they tended to stay in one spot long enough to receive mail.

Which brings me to the reason for that epic post title.

I sent a couple of 8x10's to P.K. Subban. And being the great guy that he is, he signed them and returned them to me in only a week.
P.K. spent the entire lockout playing in and organizing charity games with other unemployed NHL'ers.
This one with Carey Price has already been sent off to Carey in hopes of a dual auto.

*fingers crossed*
No one worked harder or did more to try and keep the fans morale up during the lockout. Thanks for that P.K.
Now sign a damn contract and get back on the ice. Games start Saturday. We need you.


  1. Nice stuff! I wrote him c/o Montreal Canadiens two years ago in the hopes of landing an auto and nothing....

    Guess he doesn't like me!

  2. Despite the fact that it is a) a Hab and b) Subban at that, these are awesome. I especially like the Price/Subban shot and hope you get it back.

    Would you sign Subban for the money he is asking? Also, would you trade Subban for Dougie Hamilton if it were a deal on the table?