Sunday, January 27, 2013

Goalie Fight!

Few things said can turn a crowd of grown men into giddy twelve year old boys faster than the phrase, "Goalie Fight!"

And that's just what we have here. Last night in an AHL matchup, the St John's Icecaps visit the Syracuse Crunch.

2nd period, Syracuse down 3-2 when all heck breaks loose. As all 10 skaters on the ice break out their dance partners, Dustin Tokarski leaves his crease, skates to center ice to call out Icecaps 'tender Eddie Pasquale.

Turns out it was just the spark the Crunch needed as after the melee they came back with 4 unanswered goals to win, 6-3.


  1. Nothing better than a goalie fight. NOTHING!

  2. It was cool.......until guys started picking up their equipment after they were done.

    Who does that?????

    Goalies chuckin' knucks = COOL

  3. Man, how I've come to love hockey. Awesome.