Saturday, January 12, 2013

King of Trivia

In November, Diamond Cuts and Wax Stains decided to have a contest. And he was giving away cards! I know!

Vintage cards!


It was a trivia contest!

I know!

Okay. Enough exclamation points. But I get excited when I have a chance to use this vast wealth of completely useless sports knowledge I have in my cranium.

Onto the contest. Which I won on the first clue. What can I say?
But in the end, joke's on me, I won a Bruin. Say hello to a '62/63 OPC Murray Oliver.

Cool sweater though.

So Diamonds and Wax Stains decided to have another trivia contest. For more vintage. (It was really hard not to use exclamtion points there)

This time I won on the second clue.

I won a rookie card of a defenceman named Robert from the '66/67 OPC set!!!
Wrong Robert. This one played for Detroit.

Also in the prize pack was this beauty.
a '61/62 Norm Ullman. I hope Norm did toothpaste commercials.

That was the end of the trivia contests.



In the prize envelope, I also found a 71/72 OPC Harper,
and a pair of Marc Tardiffs. Or is plural of Tardiff, Tardives? I never did understand French.
These are perfect as I was scouring my collection for Tardiff cards in a Habs sweater for a ttm request. Now I don't have to use my WHA cards of him.
Lastly, we have a '70/71 of the Little 'M', Peter Mahovlich.
Thanks for the cards! and the trivia contests!!!!

oh. One last thing. Awhile ago I posted on Waxaholic about some baseball cards that $30 a Week sent me. Well in that package was one hockey card....
Thanks for Pernell Robert!

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  1. Not the end of the trivia contests!!!

    But I did run out of scans and time. The next one will have to be really dirty so I can get at least 3 clues in.