Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TTM success! Don Beaupre!

Now that the mail is back in swing, I'm starting to get autograph returns again. The latest one is from former NHL goalie Don Beaupre.
Finding photos of Donny was super tough. I settled on this one. Unfortunately I couldn't find a good one of his days in Minnesota.
Can anyone tell me what is a little odd from this photo? An internet cookie goes to whomever can.
 This is how I rememebr Don. Rookie of the year, All Star game, and Stanley Cup Finals all in 1981.
 Don signed four cards for me in all....
 I have so many cards from '91 I'll never run out.
 I'm glad I found a use for Pro Set after all these years.
Thanks Don!!!


  1. Not sure what's so odd about the photo, now I'm curious! Great looking cards though, especially the first and second. Glad you got a response.

  2. What is a little odd about the photo? Well, it is from an "oldtimers" game, and thus Beaupre is wearing the "new" version of the Caps jersey, and not the old version from the 1980s/1990s. It is also an outdoor game.

  3. I agree with Sal--from the Alumni game at the Winter Classic--Pat Ribble with no helmet and Billy Tibbets with a toque (wool hat) on

  4. and I see they're making a movie about you--Minds Eye Entertainment of Regina, Sask., announced Tuesday it has picked up the movie rights to the Canadian comic book superhero Captain Canuck---maybe I can be your stunt double and open packs of cards and send TTM

  5. I think the weird thing is that the crowd does have their attention on the goal at all, lol. They all seem to be looking off in the distance.

  6. I mistyped, sorry, meant that crowd does NOT have their attention on the goal