Friday, July 29, 2011

Jordan Eberle comes to Calgary!

Quite awhile ago, I received an email from Martin over at All ABout Cards. He informed me that I was the big weiner winner of his latest contest.
Cool. Unfortunately a nation wide postal strike put a crimp in receiving my contest winnings. I wasn't certain if he had shipped it or not... but a quick email after the strike was over and here today, I receive this beauty...
 not the best design to a card I've seen, but hey, it's a Jordan Eberle rookie auto #/100. I am not complaining.
Thanks for the contest Martin!


  1. That is one sweet cards in my books! Would love to own one someday.

  2. Nice card, can't wait till he's a RFA and everyone can make a huge deal about it!

  3. When I read the title I thought he had been traded to the Flames! Really nice card, really like Eberle.

  4. Replies
    1. dude.... this post is from three years ago.

      no. it's loooooooong gone.