Friday, July 22, 2011

Sweet Trade Night Loot....

As it turns out, having to replace the brakes on your wife's car the day before trade night really puts a crimp in your cashflow. Even if you just buy the materials and do the work yourself. So I didn't have a lot of extra $$$ going into trade night. Which means I'll just have to do extra trading if I want to come home with some cool stuff.
Darren the owner was getting rid of some packs of 09/10 OPC for a buck a pack... so I bought all he had left. I'll show those later....
Onto the trades.

I managed to unload the Monster here onto a Leafs fan who had a Carey Price card I wanted. So I traded this:
 for this, straight up. Both of us were very happy with the swap.
 Always great to add an auto to my growing collection.

Sticking with the Between The Pipes theme, I traded Ollie the Goalie #/29 for another Price card I've been looking for, plus another limited base card. I swapped Ollie and his three colour sweater piece for:
 A Team Canada Carey Price Silver #/20 with a one colour emblem and
 a Masked Marvel #/500, and insert set from Leaf Certified.
 Then my last trade of the night. I swapped a dual auto of Dave Kingman and Frank Howard which I cannot for the life of me find a scan of...... for this little beauty and some future considerations.

Ain't it sweet?
The future considerations will most likely be Braves related. We'll see what my friend Jamie comes up with.

So there you have it, my latest acquisitions. I love being able to trade stuff I don't want or care about for stuff I do and couldn't afford to buy.
Like my friend Troll, I love this hobby.


  1. PK Suban is the man. Well done dude.

  2. Nicely done good sir. Love the Price auto.

  3. That Subban is awesome and the Price ain't too shabby either. Not a bad night.

  4. Love the Subban signature and Price Team Canada fabric cards!

  5. Great trades! Love your blog! Hope you're enjoyed the Stampede!