Friday, July 8, 2011

2010-11 Zenith Hockey! It's new! It's craptastic!

Took a little visit to the card shop yesterday, and picked up a few packs, among them 2 packs of the brand new right out of the case 2010-11 Zenith. This is serious business folks, only for ages 9+. No mamby pambies here.

Pack One.
 the base cards are meh... an artistic drawn photo with your typical Donini bold lines everywhere.
 Mr Grabner's legs go right into his stomach... skipping all that important stuff in between.
 TJ Oshie's card is pretty good.
 not so much for David Backes.
 I got a rookie in my two packs... no idea how many in a box as Donini doesn't see fit to put the odds for anything on their packs.
Jim O'Brien /999 creased down the middle and one corner dinged. From being in the middle of an otherwise non-damaged pack. Well done guys.
 and I got a Rookie Roll Call of Jonathan Bernier. Probably my favourite card out of the two packs... although I hate the dufex crap that's on it. Love the old uni though.
 Pack two.
Jordan Staal
 As soon as I saw this next one I frisbee'd it across the room almost taking a McFarlane off the shelf before it landed over by a magazine rack. And it came out unscathed!!!! I wonder what happened to Jim O'Brien?
 Now we get to another insert set called "Mosaics"... this is the Minnesota Wild version.

Eric Johnson of the Avalanche
 and finally a Hab! Sniper Mike Cammalleri.
 I suppose I should show you the backs..... of course the same "Photo" is used.... no career stats, and the usual fustercluck of Donini lines going every which way. The card number is in the wrong corner, although you will have no trouble reading it.
 and I got a hit!!!! A Winter Warrior card!!!! It's of........

Chris Kunitz. (be careful how you spell his name kids.... vowels are important here, trust me)
Totally underwhelmed. So Tim, if you want Chris here, it'll go in your pile.

So for $20, you have the first two, and the last two packs of Zenith you will see on this blog. I coulda bought a blaster!


  1. Wow...the disappointments continue. Don't worry, your 20 bucks isn't completely wasted. Thanks to your post I have now saved myself some money along with many other readers I am sure! Thanks for taking one for the team!

  2. I went to my local shop and was going to buy a pack but it was all gone. A blessing in disguise, I think.

    Panini continues to churn out utter crap. Their cards suck, their inserts suck, their videos suck, foil sucks.

  3. Um, by "if I want", that would be yes. Yes I do. Unless you meant another Tim, then I still say yes. And the Staal, unless you are building a base set.

  4. Somehow I like these cards. To me they look like a nice piece of collection!
    Paul @ PSP Porn

  5. It's Panini, not Donini. One is a grilled/pressed sandwich/collectable manufacturer. The other is my last name. thx.