Sunday, July 10, 2011

Knocking off a White Whale. Well actually, a black one....

I have been after this card ever since the day it was released into the wild. A lot of you know I'm chasing not only the '10/11 OPC set, but the master team set for Montreal. That means the base, retro parallel, rainbow retro parallel, and the uber black rainbow retro parallel card for each Habs player in the entire set. This also includes the 100 card SP hi numbers, for which Montreal has 5 players included.

The black bordered rainbow retros are #/100 and are included at 2-3 per box. If the SP's are dropped at the same rate as the regular base inserts.... then you will find them at 1 per 200-225 boxes. So me not finding one in the 5-10 packs I rip every trip to my local card shop should not come as a surprise to anyone. And yet somehow I'm always disappointed when I don't get it. I almost always pull at least one black border... but it's never the one I want.

To the secondary market we go. I found one at a card show, but the guy wanted $80 for it and wouldn't budge. Although he would sell me the black bordered Gretzky SP for $50. Figure that one out.
Saw one, then two on ebay... the first went for $77... the second one I missed and have no idea about the final price. Then I saw another.... and I bid. I went all in. For a cheap bastard like me, this was new territory. I put a max bid into my sniping program (don't judge me) of $50.
Later I changed my mind... spending $50 on a new card... on any card... isn't me. So I decided to cancel my snipe.
Except I got distracted and forgot.
So the day before the postal strike began, I won my White Whale, which is actually a black bordered whale, for $38.77 shipped.
 I was so happy and so confused at spending that much for one card I didn't know what to do. But I paid my bill, to wake up the next day to a nation wide postal strike.
Two weeks later, still no mail. Crap.
But then the strike ended, and 11 days later, I found a yellow bubble envelope in my mailbox with one lone card inside.
It was finally mine.
I think the black bordered Patrick Roy SP will be the next killer on my list.

Does the search ever end?????????

If you're still with me... what's your current White Whale?


  1. Matt Kemp 2005 Bowman Chrome RC Auto.

    More reasonable in terms of actually acquiring that White Whale would be Clayton Kershaw's 2005 Upper Deck USA RC and Mike Piazza's 1992 Bowman RC.

  2. It's weird. I see posts about white whales from time to time and I've never really thought about what it would be for me. Maybe now that I'm sorting my Rangers collection, I'll figure one out. I'm glad to see you got one of yours.

    And no, the search never ends.

  3. Brodeur auto. Doesn't matter the set or release, I don't ever seem to find them at a reasonable price online or have any luck pulling one. I would trade for one if anyone ever wanted to let one go but with so many people trying to collect his cards as well competition is always out there.

  4. I have to confess that before clicking I thought your post title was referring to something other than the card border...

    I'm not sure what my current white whale is I guess, good question...

  5. Nice card. I was rooting for Subban when I saw him play this year. He's exciting to watch.

    Good luck with the rest of it.