Monday, April 1, 2013

Mask Mania...

we had a delayed trade night last week. It was supposed to be the week before, but due to that Vegas Summit, everything got pushed back.
Kudos to bamlinden for letting me know, as I had no idea about the postponement. In case you've forgot, it's about a 45 minute commute to get there. Yummy.

aside from watching the Habs/bruins game on  the tele, there were a few trades to be had. Someone from out of province made the trip. Crazy, I know. And while he had a LOT of cards I was interested in, I didn't have the right lists with me. He had binders full of '90's inserts and rookies. Exactly the kind of low end stuff I'm looking for to fill out some of these half done sets.

But, it'll have to wait until next time he's in town. We did manage to pull off a swap though.... I'll show some of the cards I got here now...

I was immediately interested in these five cards. I had never seen them or heard about them before. They're from the 02/03 Upper Deck Artistic Impressions set.... an insert set called Retrospectives.
judging from these cards, I assumed they were a painted mask insert.
nope. wrong again. all kinds of players are featured in the set.
but all he had were goalies.  so that's all I have.
price wise, these cards are pretty much worthless according to the book. that's fine with me.
whoever the artists were, they did a good job. Even without the name bar, I could still tell who each goalie was.

Speaking of mask inserts... I picked up this one from 1992. No, I'm not collecting 1992 Pinnacle.
No I'm not collecting Mike Richter, nor the Rangers. I just thought it was cool and it will look good in my trade box.
Someone will want this card eventually, I know it.

Thanks for looking. Just a quick post to show some of the cards piling up on my desk. I'll get through them eventually. I hope.

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