Saturday, April 6, 2013

a little cardboard house cleaning...

I'm in a bit of a rut. A posting rut. It's not that I'm not posting... I am. But it's usually about something recent. Problem is, I have a lot of cards sitting on my desk from upwards of two months ago waiting for their story to be told.


So I took a random pile and added all of their scans to this post. It'll be random, but it'll get one pile off of my desk and in their respective binders where they belong.

Take a look, you may see something you like.

The first three cards were bought for a quarter. Total. Together in a penny sleeve, just waiting to be purchased by yours truly.
These were inserted into OPC packs in '77/78. The set consisted of 22 cards. Wayne Cashman of the Bruins....
.... Reggie Leach of the Flyers...
... and Rick Martin of the Sabres. R.I.P. Rick.
moving along in the quarter box, I found a couple of cards for my Watson brother collection.

First, a smiling Joe, with his false teeth on display.
and then younger brother Jimmy. This has been a fun collection to build.
I grabbed this one for no other reason than the epic mask on Mr Pete Peeters. That's a beauty.
Hmmm..... I believe I traded for this on card auto of Canadiens face off and penalty kill specialist, Doug Jarvis. I don't remember what went the other way though....
no matter. It's a great card.

Back to buys, these next two were .50 cent cards. Check out the knee pads on Mr Harris here...
... at least I hope they're knee pads... yikes.

and a great shot of Les Binkley. Pretty good smile for a goalie who payed without a mask.
and I love those old sweaters. The Pens should bring those back in 2014/15. ( I hear rumours that they won't be wearing a third jersey next season)

Finally (thanks for sticking with me) is my pity purchase of the month.
I couldn't leave Steve trapped. Both in the card shop, and in this horrible case. So me, Steve, and this case have a date with my band saw in the very near future.

Steve deserves to be free.

Thanks for looking, and if anyone has any Joe or Jimmy Watson cards they don't need.....


  1. That Peeters is going directly on my wantlist. I must find a copy of it.