Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Goalie Grabs...

at the last trade night, (was it the last one? or the one before?) Okay, at a recent trade night, I managed to come home with a few new cards. Nice ones, if you ask me.

I'm always on the lookout for new Carey Price cards I don't already have. Quite often I end up swapping for a card and go to put it in the binder, only to find out I already have it.

This time however, I did good.

This year's Crease Cleaners from Limited. #/99 I like these a lot. I may have to chase more of them.
A Quad Diamond from this year's Black Diamond. Or is it last year's? Who can tell?
a nice little base card from the brand new SP Game Used.
speaking of SP Game Used, a Robert Mayer rookie numbered to his sweater number. This one, along with the Price base, and the rookie shown next, were freebies. Just given to me gratis. I love this hobby.
Robert however, is a smart guy. He knows damn well he isn't going to get playing time ahead of Carey Price, and with the recent acquisition of Dustin Tokarski, he decided to jump ship and head for Europe.
Robert will now be the starting goalie for HC Biel of the Suisse Elite League.

Okay, so Gabriel isn't a goalie.... I had to package him in here with the other two cards....
I also got a nice Craig Anderson patch auto... I may keep this, I may swap it. We'll see.
oh, and some dude named Patrick.
a pretty nice patch #/25. Not bad.

most of these I got in one trade. One that started in December with me giving up a couple of cards for "futures". These be the futures.

I hope you liked them.... and that's one more small pile off of my desk.


  1. Wow, Definitely some sweet cards especially the Anderson jersey Auto and the 2 color Roy swatch. Very jealous of that last one.

  2. Something looks a little off about that Anderson card. I can't figure out what it is though. Hmmmm. Oh well. Very nice Roy though. Very nice indeed.